Easy To Use

e-Prodigy's QuickBooks application is easy to use and it's the only one certified directly by QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Simply hit the "Connect" button to authorize a completely secure one time access to your business's QuickBooks records.

Protected Information

We use advanced encryption technology to ensure the safety of your records. e-Prodigy's QuickBooks Application is the only one of its kind certified directly by QuickBooks ProAdvisor and is also approved by Cigital.com.

Absolutely Free

Using eProdigy QuickBooks Application is absolutely free! You can send 1 request for funding from 1 QuickBooks Online account.

Minimum Provided Data

The application uses one time access to your business's QuickBooks records. It may also request your permission to allow our senior underwriter a secure, one time, view only report of your business's banking data.

Superior Technology

Driven by superior technology, eProdigy works with all facets of the alternative finance industry to provide our clients with comprehensive business funding and servicing solutions. A proven leader in the merchant cash advance space, we also offer small business loans, a front and back end software solution, automated underwriting, and ACH processing.

Our Companies

Headquartered in New York City's Financial District, our companies - Capital Stack, ACH Capital, eProdigyACH DBA ACHBanking, and 1Workforce provide our clients, funders, merchants and syndicate partners with a comprehensive suite of options for small and mid sized businesses.